Scratch, Itch, and Sniff: The Return…

Hola friends. Hoping that efurryones Fursday was splendiferous and full of Paw Love and hugs! I had a pretty good day—lots of nappy’s, squeaky toy play time, noms, belly rubs and no itchys.  So yesterday I talked a lil bit ‘bout bad ole allergies in pups and there is just so much to talk about dat I’ll be continuing wit dat today. Don’t be so surprised…I told you I was going to dat at da end of my last post silly.

Workin' hard ta Get Dis Blog Post Out. A Pups Work Is Never Done

So as I said before, just like hoomans, dogs can show allergic symptoms when dere immune systems react ta certain substances or allergens and a dog with allergies can have an extreme reaction to them. What sorts of reaction???? Check it out—>

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•      Increased scratching
•      Diarrhea
•      Itchy back or base of tail
•      Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin
•      Itchy ears and ear infections
•      Itchy, runny eyes
•      Sneezing
•      Vomiting
•      Constant licking
•      Snoring caused by an inflamed throat
•      Paw chewing/swollen paws

Dats not a pretty list, I know, and on top of all dat, allergic pups can also ends up with bacterial or yeast skin infections, which can cause hair loss, and scabs! Lucky me has had all the symptoms except fur icky diarrhea, sneezing, vomiting & snoring. I do snores sometimes but it’s not cuz of my allergies, it just happens when I’m extra super comfy and tired.  Oh, and if dat list sounds too intense fur you ta deal with—well if you’re a pup, try not to be a terrier, setter, retriever, or flat-faced breed such as pug or bulldog, and if you’re a hooman, shy away from dose breeds cuz allergies are most common in dem.  Remember, it’s supposed to be a furever commitment furiends.

So remember dose skin infections I just mentioned 3 sentences ago? Well a few months back, I got a bad one, and it turned my pretty, pink belly, black wit spots, and made lots of my flowing golden & grey locks fall right off my back, and my butt, and dats definitely no fun in da winter time pals! I wents to da dermatologist once a month fur months and months, doin’ blood workies and trying all sorts of meds ta help beat da infection with no luck. On top of dat I haves ta take my regular allergy medicine dat comes in dese injections dat dad gives me in da scruff of my neck.

Well, finally dad said enough cuz dey would never give us enough meds and were difficult about prescribing me oral and topical meds dat had worked before or dad wanted ta try. He says dat it’s all about money. (Dad explained money ta me using biscuits once by asking me how many biscuits I would give up fur a 60 minute walk compared to a 20 minute walk.) He also says that he hates da FDA, whoever they are; I think maybe a dog cuz dad is always tellin’ ‘em ta “bite me.”  But anyway he hates ‘em cuz there’s all dis great topical medicine, just fur anipals, dat u can get no problem in Europe, but need a prescription ta get over here, and dats if dey even allow it here he says. So anyways, we went online and gots some topical stuff—Zymox and Ketoseb to name two–dat is really helpin’ me now. I haven’t been itchy, my hair is growing back and I’m not getting’ dat funny smell dat I would get after a few days anymore.  I still gots healing to do & a friend in London is gunna help us get sum other stuff from a company called PerfectPetSkin—don’t worry it’s all legal

Here's A Peek @ Some of The Topical Treatments We Use Fur My Allergy Symptoms

We’re also seeing a new skin specialist—time to change it up and so when I went to see my optomologist on Wednesday, I made an appt ta see da dermatologist. We thought dey already had us scheduled fur dat but dey so busy, dere was a mixup and so I gots ta wait a lil bit. Oh wait…what’s dat? Why do I have to see the optomolo whatever? Cuz I gots cataracts. I had a cloudy lens in my right eye ever since dad gots me so he always knew we was gonna have ta take care of dat someday and now it started showin up in my left eye. Dad says I’m too young to go blind and he’s too lazy ta have ta teach a blind dog new tricks. BOL. Just to be certain dat you guys know tho deaf or blind dogs are just as capable as other pups!! Dey just needs special training & a lil extra care at first is all…just like hoomans!!!

No, I Don't Wanna Kindly Jump Up On Dat Table Fur You ta Poke & Prod Me, Fank You!!!

So as da days and weeks go by I’ll fill you guys in more on my cataract surgery and allergy adventures if youz don’t mind. It helps me ta bark about it and I figures I could impart sum knowledge ta dose dat don’t know about dat stuff as well. We wish you a Happy Friday and fanks fur reading. Don’t furgets ta come say hi on my Fb page & catch me on twitters