Facts of Life

          Happy, Happy Wednesday Efurryone!!! Yesterday, Tuesday, was one of doze days dat starts out not so pretty—gloomy skies & rain it was—but den da clouds broke & da sun cames out & it warmed up quite a bit & next thing ya know, it was a great Spring day. ..great looking at least. 

         My dad says any day you wake up & ya still here is a pretty gud day.  If ya wake up & have ya family & furiends and a roof ova ya head—better den gud.  And If ya have da love of ya family & furiends, a roof ova ya head and ya HEALTH, well den it’s a GREAT day! Of course f ya wakes up & one or more of doze things are off, well in dat case den, you at least have another day to work towards makin’ ‘em betta.   Well fankfully, I haz all of dat and it is a great day—fur me—but I cants help but think of all my anipals & friends out dere for whom da day is not so gud.  Dat doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my doggy blessings—if anything, I appreciate ‘em more, knowing what I knows ‘bout struggling anipals ‘round da world.  Doggy’s & kittens wit no home or family of dere own…hoomans dealing with dere beloved companions suffering thru illnesses such as cancer, severe allergies, heartworms, tumors, anaemia, and much, much more….my super cute & wicked smart dolphin pals & dere cousins, da whales, being hunted and slaughtered by bad hoomans…anipals being hunted near extinction & so much more goes thru my mind almost daily.  

          Being a furbaby myself dat was abandoned by his family  in a shelter where I waited 3 whole months befur being rescued by my real family it’s only natural dat I think of deez things & of da less fortunate of my anipal brofurs & sisfurs, but it’s on my mind even more den ever now—and why is dat???  Cuz of facebook & Twitter dats why!  

          Befur I got on doze & started making furiends,  I felt as tho it were just me & my dad fur da most part, making our way thru a world dat was more concerned with da Real Housewives of New Jersey den anything substantial.  A big part of dat of course is probably cuz we spend most of our time in New York Stinky—I mean—City. BOL!   On da ofur side of course dere are doze nutso groups dat are da opposite of oblivious such as PETA.   PETA, who if you’ve been paying attention actually KILLS ANIPALS & spend donation money on ridiculous, sure ta go nowhere, lawsuits such as da one against Seaworld claiming dat da “killer” whales, which are actually Dolphins by da way, were slaves & dat captivity violated their CIVIL rights.  I may just be a dog, and I’m not a very political pup, but HUH!?!?!?!?! WTH were doze dodo heads thinking?  Millions of dollars wasted & not one anipal helped!  I loves anipals—PETA loves money…& exploiting anipals ta make more money.  Anyway, of course, in da middle of doze extremes dere are small groups we know of, peeps of substance , likes da cool folks ova at Bobbi and Da Strays, & of course our close personal furiends who we can chat & play wit & have meaningful conversation & belly rub time with, but doze four people aren’t always available—hehehehehehehe.  Nowtho, wit facebook & Twitters, dey don’t needs ta be.

          Dad let me have a Facebook page a few months back, Barkys Place NYC, & at first it was slow going.  I “liked” a bunch of pages of anipal interest groups such as Life With Dogs, Natural Balance & Pets For Patriots & of course I asked a bunch of dads furiends ta come by, like my page and share photos or story’s of dere companions wit us….Like I says tho, it was slow going.  Once I got on Twitters tho, efurrything changed. It was so easy ta find & connect with anipals & peeps of similar interests. So easy and fun ta connect wit furiends & share story’s & learn about each ofur.  Now here’s da yin and yang of it all.  It’s so pawsome being connected & sharing my life with all these new anipals and yet it hurts so much ta see, read, & hear, of  da suffering some of ‘em go thru. It’s beautiful and it’s ugly. On da one paw ya have Dana Moody, anipal lover and keeper of da pawcircle who does so much fur furbabes by promoting their causes & spreading awareness via Twitter and da great Pawcircle website dat is designed ta highlight & bring comfort ta fur babies & dere hoomans. And way on da offur  side of things ya gots ANIMALS like Darius Ewing & his sick pals who set Justice, a young puppy, on fire after trying ta strangle ‘em with a rope furst.  Deres da beauty of watching a young pup like Kiba da Bulldog growing up & da sadness of losing newfound pals like Sweetface to lymphoma cancer and my pal Paws, affectionately known as Mr Mega Paws who lost his life to a horrible disease called Mega Esophagus.  I gets ta see all da cool pups, kitties, rabbits, ferrets and more dat have super duper loving families and lives getting to be carefree pets in dere furever homes…I also see now more den ever all da poor pups & kittens dat are stuck in shelters, some of them never ta make it out alive, abandoned by peeps who don’t understand what love & family truly means.  I think I know what ya thinking,but I wouldn’t trade it fur anything. 

          I coulds try & ignore da bad, but den what kind of pal would I be ta furiends like Tina da Pug who is tryin ta stay in gud spirits while both her mama & brofur Hooie are sick?  What kind of pup would I be if I didn’t at least help ta share da stories of ofur pups &  anipals stuck in shelters like I once was all doze years ago?  I gots ta take da good with da bad…and dere is always gud!  Ask my bud Kaito Kamui—him and his mama had ta say goodbye ta Lally, Kaitos senior kitty brofur yesterday and dat is awful sad.  A gloomy start to a gloomy day.  It gonna take a long time ta heal from losing dere companion, but just as da sun peeked out yesterday and it became a brighter day outside, it too got a lil brighter for dem cuz dey were not alone & are gettin’ lots of  love and support from dere anipals, peeps, & furiends online.  Pals dat have been sending ‘em words of encouragement & praying fur dere family ta be well. Pals likes ArlieJo in Pennsylvania all da way to Pandora  in Awizona and me of course, in NYC.  And seein’ dat also makes my day betta, not ta mention dat I too have gotten lots of love & support from peeps & anipals over da past few months whether it has been in dere support of sharing issues & stories I am passionate ’bout or givin me words of encouragement during my cataract surgery ,or helpin my dad take care of my foster brofur Sal.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride gettin ta know efurryone & we’ve gone from just da two of us to so many furiends dat we’re havin a hard time keeping up with efurryone & efurrything…my calendar is FULL. It’s been great & now dere are no gloomy days–just days dat sometimes have gloom in ‘em. So as dey say, “ya take da gud, ya take da bad, ya take ‘em both and there ya have da facts of life.” We Love you guys!!!!!!


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7 thoughts on “Facts of Life

  1. Aww Barky, what a wunnerful blog post! Me & Mom nodded in agreement wif eberyfing u said. Way too much sadness & cruelty in dis werld, but we haz to concentrate on all da truly gud hoominz who want to help & change fings for da bettors. Sometimez it seems like evil outweighs gud, but not so!! Can’t be so! Fank u for menshunning me by name…so kind. Mom worries always about sick, hurting pals & her heart breaks for da hoominz left behind after furbabies go OTRB. Anyway, u & ur hoominz r bery speshul & I so glad we meeted u on Twitters. I duzn’t haz a Facebook page but mom duz. Gonna make sure she “likes” uf, if she duzn’t alreddy. *Ginormous Hugs* ArlieJo & Connie (@WuckieDuck)

    • I so glads dat you & ya mama approve. I saw her cover photo on FB of Bosco & Speedy, ya brofurs who are Over The Raibow Bridge now…Dey look super cool & sweet. Sorry fur ya mamas loss, but happy dat she has had great companions & furiends in her life. And You’re right–bad can’t outweigh gud! When something evil is done by a few like doze hoomans dat burned dat puppy, you see hundreds more speak out against it & stand up and take action fur gud. paw Love & Hugs to you and ya mama. Woof!!

    • Glads ya like it Pandy! And I’z hopes ya continue ta get betta and dat more ashtma attacks are NOT in ya future! Paw Love,Hugs & PURRS (bet ya didn’t know I could speak ‘cat” BOL!!)

  2. Barkey, my mommy was helped so much by the Anipals when her baby girl @AdmiralHestorb passed to the Rainbow Bridge. It broke her heart in two but @Pepismartdog and so many others accompanied her to the Bridge in Pep’s Pram..and there was an outpouring of care and love for mommy. And efurrybuddy in the CB and Twitter welcomed me, @Katiebella2 into mom’s life. The Cat Blogosphere where my bloggie is and my Anipals make everything better. xoxox

    • Fanks fur da lovely comment Katie & fur introducing me ta PepiSmartDog…i just watched Pep’s videos & dey are WONDERFUL! Gives my dad leaky eyes & i’m so glad dat Admiralhestorb brought you to your mama! Paw Love & Hugs Furever

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