April Games Continued

WOW!!! What a week! Lots of happenings going on.  A pal lost & found her pup, Dexter—we was all super worried and den we was all relieved!…I had my big day at da surgeons on Monday fur my cataract removal surgery, & everything went superduperriffic–GRACIAS…I had da big debut of my new clear, & free of disease eyes on Tuesday & I also came back home dat night too—THANK GOODNESS…I had a lil welcome home party on Wednesday w/dad & da grands…caught up on Game of Thrones & OMD!! Can you believe what’s goin on dere?…I attended a pawsome pawty on Twitter yesterday(Saturday) fur my pal Spooky Shorty who kicked lymphomas butt into remission (<–click here ta read more & help if ya can)… Annnnd I’m even attending a wedding today on Twitters between my 2 new furiends ova in da U.K. Lola da Lhasa Apso & her beloved Jack… Boy oh boy…I don’t know how I get da time ta fit in all my naps.

So, cataract surgery!!!  Dat day had been looming for a long while & we actually wanted ta do it last year, but things didn’t work out, so ya see it’s something dats been on our minds fur a loooonnng time & we have been gettin’ more & more anxious about da surgery ova da past few months. My dad has been at least–as usual I’z cool as a carrot..or cucumba or whateva.  Da only thing I was anxious ’bout was staying away from my hoomans ovanight.  I mean, after all, withouts me dere ta cuddle ‘em, how would dey gets a gud night sleep?  I am also da protector of the realm, but I wasn’t so worried about dey safety and all dat cuz my foster brofur Sal would be dere at least.  He’s not as tuff as me, but he puts up a gud front by barking loudly.  Da part I really didn’t like was dats I couldn’t eats anything fur 12 hours befur my surgery. TWELVE HOURS!?!?!?!  dat was just inhumane–I loves my nom noms!!! I dealt with it likes da trooper dats I am tho & da folks at Animal Medical Center on 62nd street in Manhattan were bery nice & took gud care of me. After a day & a half dere tho I was defo ready ta go home & sleeps in my own beds.

Some of da pups in my ward were such cry baby’s (I felts bad for ‘em)–I couldn’t gets much sleep.  Plus I was both so happy to be seeing clearly again & nervous ’bout how dad was coping with out me dat catching my Zzzz’s  just wasn’t on da table fur me while I was cooped up in vet jail.  I more den made up fur dat tho by doin’ my best roll ova & play dead impression most of Wednesday & Fursday–I was pooped from all da excitement of da previous 2 days & tryin’ ta catch up with all my pals on Facebooks & Twitters. Many who sents me lots of love & support & really lifted our spirits by showing us how much dey care fur dere anipals & furiends.

Help!! let Me Out! I'm Stuck in Vet Jail! Oh, Fank You! Dats Much Betta...

(Click To Enlarge) I Was poked, Prodded, Knocked Out & Had My Eyebalss Worked Over & All I got Was Dis TeeShirt---Oh, and My Eyesight Back!!! Yaaaaaaayy

I’d like ta thank all of ‘em & give special fanks ta ones like Dana Moody, who runs da pawsome PawCircle blog ta show support & love fur fur babes in need.  She has kept a constant pawcircle goin fur me & let other anipals know we need dere pawprayers. I’d like ta fank da super duper Emma, who makes me laugh so much with her amazin blog posts & who gave me sum nice words of advice & encouragement befur my surgery.  Special fanks ta da lovely Gracie, who also has a great blog & da cutest smile, &  her mama as well, who even tho dey are dealing with a big move ta a new city still found time ta check up on me & show us love.  I could neva furget ta fank my fellow WLF member & gud pal Mr Tibbs who lives across da pond ova in da U.K. he has made me feel very welcome on Twitter & helped me ta make many new furiends. Fank you Mr Tibbs!! I also wanna fank my new Facebook furiend Sara Da Teddy Bear fur her well wishes & all da other peeps on my page & dads page who sent us dere well wishes & words of encouragement…we loves all of you and appreciate it very much!

Ewwww and Owww...Dis Iz Where Dey Placed My Catheter Line--How Embarassing!

I Likes Sal Cuz He Doesn't Makes Fun Of My E-Collar

Lots of Sleep Ta Catch Up On Zzzzzzzz

Emma (MYGBGV)--Gracie Lu ShihTzu--Mr Tibbs(#WLF)--Sara Da Teddy Bear

And of course, all my pals on twitter who checked on me & said #pawprayers fur us– dere are so many ta name & furdat we’z greatful–starting wit da absolutely pawsome Vincent, a fellow bad boyz of Twitter member & all all around cool doggy & his mama…and dere is Mischief master Spike da cat to fank…and also my new pal Bliss, a retired guide dog(How cool is dat!?!?!)…can’t furget super fit & super cool 2012 presidential candidate Hannibal walker who puts da ‘sharp’ in Sharpei…da very lovely & beautiful Phi botticelli , an American Eskie Dog…of course Freda, who not only knows what it like ta have bad eyesight, but is also dealing with autoimmune haemolytic anemia (special PawPrayers fur Freda please!)…Mary Whitmore, Zulma Ruiz, Deathrow escapee, da pawgeous Jack Russell Arlie Jo..and many, many more. Love you all!!!

Dere be lots more ta talk abouts, but tomorrow is another day & Iz pooped…


4 thoughts on “April Games Continued

    • Fank you Emma! Iz very happy too & dad is as well. He says I’m worth da time & money cuz he gets more out of da relationship den I does…BOL!!! Paw Love..

  1. Barky, I am so happies to see you again after meeting you on Twitter and knowing your eyeballs are all betters. HuggaHugga sweet boy.

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