Seeing Eye Dog

Hey out there to all my anipals & furiends!  What a crazy week I had! Full of up’s and ups—great weather, new squeaky toys, positive results on my retina exam–& a couple of downs—I may have Cushing disease?? WTH?!?!?!– but nothing too bad ‘cept when my dad had da nerve ta not come home one night.  I had a good talking with him & let him know dat he was forgiven, but dat I would require many extra treats & belly rubs fur da days following.

WELCOME HOME!!! Do us both a favor & know your place!!!!!!!!!

So since I last spoke ta you guys here I had a big exam called an Electroretinogram or ERG fur short & da reason fur dat is cuz I am goin ta finally have my cataract surgery so Iz can see clearly again & stop being so nervous whenever a car or bus passes by me when Iz walking.  I used ta loves ta chase my dad on his bicycle & I’d even regulate traffic when I saw motorcycles pass thru by givin’ ‘em a quick chase & a bark ta let ‘em know ta slow down & not make so much noise.  Da past year tho, I haven’t been seeing so good out of my right eye cuz of a cataract (A cataract is any opacity within a lens.) dat I have had since furever but dat only recently started ta matures as da doctors say & den adding insult ta injury, I started ta gets one in my left eye too!!!  Dogs can adapt well if one eye is blind from cataract & the other is not—so well in fact dat dere hoomans don’t realize that dey can’t see out of one eye.  But fur me to lose both??!!?! No offense ta my cool anipals like Cloverton da Deaf Dog or Lucy Da Blind Cat but Iz too young ta go blind & too old ta learn new tricks ta build my confidence ta feel comfortable outside if I can’ts see anything.  I’m just not builts dat way & so, me & dad, & grandpa spoke about it & decided dat surgery was da way ta go. We’re all excited, but because of da risks we’re a little scared too!

Left: Immature Cataract --- Right:Mature Cataract

Cataract surgery is an elective procedure, but even If surgery is not performed, dere are risks & possible complications.  Hypermature cataracts can cause a serious reactive inflammation inside da eye, &  dere is glaucoma, which is painful, in da form of headaches & deres even sumthin called lens luxation,  which can be quite painful depending on how da lens slips (luxates) out of position.  Being dat I already have ta deal wit allergies & complications from dat, dad decided he didn’t  wanna have me possibly suffer from this as well.

If any of my pals & dere hoomans out dere are wondering if dey or dere furbabies have cataracts just know dat most dogs beginning at 6 years of age tend to develop a hardening of the lens (Nuclear Sclerosis) dat causes da lens ta have a grayish appearance & dat is NOT da same as a cataract. It happens in hoomans too.  Dis is why peeps in dere 40’s & older sumtimes need ta use reading glasses.  Veterinary ophthalmologists are da peeps you wanna see, rather than ya regular vet in order ta  tell da difference between nuclear sclerosis & cataract, using specialized equipment & their expertise.   It’s important ta understand dat no cataract can be reversed & once da lens is cloudy, surgery is da only way ta remove it.

Woof! I know I saw dad go down dis long hallway, so kindly take me to him vet lady...Grrr

Cataract surgery is expensive cuz it requires specialized equipment & training. Da instruments & equipment used for cataract surgery in dogs are da same type used for cataract surgery in people & da pet owner pays 100% of da cost of cataract surgery. Dis is cuz even pet health insurance policies often exclude cataract surgery, cuz da cataracts are often genetic & most insurance companies will not cover any genetic or pre-existing condition. Hoomans, if you have health insurance fur your furbaby, do not assume it will cover cataract surgery—check with your insurance provider.  If your furbaby has cataracts but you believe dat you can’t afford surgery, it’s still VERY IMPORTANT fur your furbaby ta see a veterinary ophthalmologist cuz medical treatment of the affected eye[s] is almost always needed ta help prevent other serious complications dat can cause the complete loss of da eye[s]

Well my surgery is scheduled fur next week & Iz more den ready. I gots ta stay overnight  by myself though & I haven’t done dat since I came home 8 years ago. I’ll be sure ta have Dad take lots of pics & keep all my furiends updated & keep me updated with what’s going on with all of you & of course my foster brofur Sal.  Hope he’s okay without me, but he still betta stay out of my beds…BOL


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5 thoughts on “Seeing Eye Dog

  1. Have you thought of going to doggie med school? You are sure knowledgeable on health stuff! I hope your surgery goes well, bummer havin’ to spend the night in the hospital. Keep us posted – paw hugs!

    • BOL! I kind of wish I didn’t know all dat stuff cuz then it might mean dat I was 100% healthy, but nothing keeps me down so it’s okay. Fanks fur da well wishes! Paw Love and we’ll def keep you posted.

  2. Cataracts refer to a disease which negatively affects the lens of one’s eyes and manifests as clouding of your vision. It usually has an effect on people who have reached the age of forty as well as the elderly. In case you have this problem, then you will consistently see scattered, partially or fully blocked out light. It’s possible you’ll also experience hazy or blurred vision. *

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