Scratch, Itch and Sniff

Hello Furiends and anipals!!! Back again! How has efurryone been dis beautiful furst week of April? Well, beautiful except fur Texas where all dose crazy tornados are hurting people and our furry friends. Say a little prayer fur efurryone down dere please. Gotta always remember ta count ya blessings is what my dad says and things like dose tornados and people losing their furever homes reminds me dat even though I live with allergies, I’m a blessed puppy. ..and dats right animals can have allergies too.

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In fact, da number of doggies with allergies has gone up, and up, and up, a whole lots in da past few years. I read on webmd fur pets dat a whole one in seven pups suffer from allergies, and all breeds and mixes can be affected. If any of ya out dere don’t know, an allergy is a nasty reaction dats caused by things likes exposure ta a food, an inhalant, or something in da environment. What da pup is exposed ta is what dey call da allergen. The way da pups immunie system responds to the allergen is the allergic reaction. When I furst found my human and came ta live with him, he didn’t know dat I has allergies. I didn’t even know; I knew something was wrong with me, but not exactly what, and I was afraid ta tell dem. I was so happy ta be out of da shelter and being loved dat I didn’t wanna give ‘em any reason ta take me back. Dey brought me home and I right away worked really hard at my training and being a SUPER good boy and makin sure dat I showed ‘em what a great boy I could be cuz I really did love dem, but I was also afraid of going back ta da shelter. I didn’t need ta be afraid tho as it turns out cuz when my secret finally came out, my dad and gramps didn’t make any fuss over it—dey just made sure I got da care I needed…and it wasn’t easy at furst.

Ya see, it took a while to even figure out what da heck was goin on with me—why I was itchy all da time and getting red spots– after dey realized dat something even was going on. While hoomans usually gets upper respiratory symptoms when an allergy is triggered, in dogs it is usually the skin, with super bad itching being the BIG sign. Pups with allergies will scratch all da time and are usually MISERABLE. So we went to a couple of different nice vets and one told us dat it looks like I gots allergies and so dey gave me some special food dats grain and gluten free (remind me ta look up what da heck gluten is buddies) & some anti-hista-sumthin and sent me home. Well, dat helped a lil bit but den da following Spring I hads a really,really bad reaction and dats when my dad found a special puppy dermatologist–one of only two or three in all of New York City–and rushed me over dere. Dey was, and are very nice, and dats where we learned all sorts of things like what exactly I was allergic too—basically everything, including my sisfur Kenny da cat—and dat pup allergies fall into four categories—ones caused by fleas, ones caused by inhaled allergens likes dust mites, and grasses, ones caused by foods, and finally, ones caused by irritants dat have direct contact with da skin—and we also learned dat if da allergies go untreated dat dey could even kills me if I have a bad enough reaction. Most importantly tho, we learned how ta fight dem and helps me live a more comfortable life.

I wear dis sumtimes when I have flareups so I don't eats myself #E-CollarProblems

I wanna let all of you know dat, yes it was pretty expensive fur all da testing and medicines and treatments and and ongoing treatments and downright stressful fur my hoomans sometimes cuz dey don’t likes ta see me, or any furbaby’s in pain, but if ya find ya self with an anipal with special needs, don’t just dump ‘em in a kill shelter like my furst “family” did ta me. We understand if ya can’t afford ta help us, but ya CAN afford ta take just a little time from ya schedule ta find us a nice new home, or a foster, or a no-kill shelter rescue. Your anipals don’t deserve ta die just cuz we suffer from the same things dat hoomans do sometimes. Dere is help out dere for dem and fur you hoomans too and we’ll talks about dat in a future post about anipal insurance and fundraising and da like. Well, I’m gonna go play with my squeaky toy and then take a nap and do sum other important pup business now, but tune in tomorrow fur more about allergies and my latest flare up and vet visit with pictures and all….


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One thought on “Scratch, Itch and Sniff

  1. You may have heard that some dog breeds trigger allergy symptoms while others don’t, or that short-haired dogs are safe while long-haired dogs prone to shedding are not. But on the whole, experts say that isn’t the case. In fact, one dog and another of the same breed can give off very different levels of allergen…

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