April Games Continued

WOW!!! What a week! Lots of happenings going on.  A pal lost & found her pup, Dexter—we was all super worried and den we was all relieved!…I had my big day at da surgeons on Monday fur my cataract removal surgery, & everything went superduperriffic–GRACIAS…I had da big debut of my new clear, & free of disease eyes on Tuesday & I also came back home dat night too—THANK GOODNESS…I had a lil welcome home party on Wednesday w/dad & da grands…caught up on Game of Thrones & OMD!! Can you believe what’s goin on dere?…I attended a pawsome pawty on Twitter yesterday(Saturday) fur my pal Spooky Shorty who kicked lymphomas butt into remission (<–click here ta read more & help if ya can)… Annnnd I’m even attending a wedding today on Twitters between my 2 new furiends ova in da U.K. Lola da Lhasa Apso & her beloved Jack… Boy oh boy…I don’t know how I get da time ta fit in all my naps.

So, cataract surgery!!!  Dat day had been looming for a long while & we actually wanted ta do it last year, but things didn’t work out, so ya see it’s something dats been on our minds fur a loooonnng time & we have been gettin’ more & more anxious about da surgery ova da past few months. My dad has been at least–as usual I’z cool as a carrot..or cucumba or whateva.  Da only thing I was anxious ’bout was staying away from my hoomans ovanight.  I mean, after all, withouts me dere ta cuddle ‘em, how would dey gets a gud night sleep?  I am also da protector of the realm, but I wasn’t so worried about dey safety and all dat cuz my foster brofur Sal would be dere at least.  He’s not as tuff as me, but he puts up a gud front by barking loudly.  Da part I really didn’t like was dats I couldn’t eats anything fur 12 hours befur my surgery. TWELVE HOURS!?!?!?!  dat was just inhumane–I loves my nom noms!!! I dealt with it likes da trooper dats I am tho & da folks at Animal Medical Center on 62nd street in Manhattan were bery nice & took gud care of me. After a day & a half dere tho I was defo ready ta go home & sleeps in my own beds.

Some of da pups in my ward were such cry baby’s (I felts bad for ‘em)–I couldn’t gets much sleep.  Plus I was both so happy to be seeing clearly again & nervous ’bout how dad was coping with out me dat catching my Zzzz’s  just wasn’t on da table fur me while I was cooped up in vet jail.  I more den made up fur dat tho by doin’ my best roll ova & play dead impression most of Wednesday & Fursday–I was pooped from all da excitement of da previous 2 days & tryin’ ta catch up with all my pals on Facebooks & Twitters. Many who sents me lots of love & support & really lifted our spirits by showing us how much dey care fur dere anipals & furiends.

Help!! let Me Out! I'm Stuck in Vet Jail! Oh, Fank You! Dats Much Betta...

(Click To Enlarge) I Was poked, Prodded, Knocked Out & Had My Eyebalss Worked Over & All I got Was Dis TeeShirt---Oh, and My Eyesight Back!!! Yaaaaaaayy

I’d like ta thank all of ‘em & give special fanks ta ones like Dana Moody, who runs da pawsome PawCircle blog ta show support & love fur fur babes in need.  She has kept a constant pawcircle goin fur me & let other anipals know we need dere pawprayers. I’d like ta fank da super duper Emma, who makes me laugh so much with her amazin blog posts & who gave me sum nice words of advice & encouragement befur my surgery.  Special fanks ta da lovely Gracie, who also has a great blog & da cutest smile, &  her mama as well, who even tho dey are dealing with a big move ta a new city still found time ta check up on me & show us love.  I could neva furget ta fank my fellow WLF member & gud pal Mr Tibbs who lives across da pond ova in da U.K. he has made me feel very welcome on Twitter & helped me ta make many new furiends. Fank you Mr Tibbs!! I also wanna fank my new Facebook furiend Sara Da Teddy Bear fur her well wishes & all da other peeps on my page & dads page who sent us dere well wishes & words of encouragement…we loves all of you and appreciate it very much!

Ewwww and Owww...Dis Iz Where Dey Placed My Catheter Line--How Embarassing!

I Likes Sal Cuz He Doesn't Makes Fun Of My E-Collar

Lots of Sleep Ta Catch Up On Zzzzzzzz

Emma (MYGBGV)--Gracie Lu ShihTzu--Mr Tibbs(#WLF)--Sara Da Teddy Bear

And of course, all my pals on twitter who checked on me & said #pawprayers fur us– dere are so many ta name & furdat we’z greatful–starting wit da absolutely pawsome Vincent, a fellow bad boyz of Twitter member & all all around cool doggy & his mama…and dere is Mischief master Spike da cat to fank…and also my new pal Bliss, a retired guide dog(How cool is dat!?!?!)…can’t furget super fit & super cool 2012 presidential candidate Hannibal walker who puts da ‘sharp’ in Sharpei…da very lovely & beautiful Phi botticelli , an American Eskie Dog…of course Freda, who not only knows what it like ta have bad eyesight, but is also dealing with autoimmune haemolytic anemia (special PawPrayers fur Freda please!)…Mary Whitmore, Zulma Ruiz, Deathrow escapee, da pawgeous Jack Russell Arlie Jo..and many, many more. Love you all!!!

Dere be lots more ta talk abouts, but tomorrow is another day & Iz pooped…


April Games

Hey furiends & anipals…It’s been an exciting week here at the Barky residence.  As you know from my last blog post, in just a few days I will be having my cataract surgery and we’re all purty excited about dat! My foster brofur Sal & dad also came home with new furiends Mia da Shetland & her mom Stephanie who dey met at da park on Tuesday. Mia was in need of sum serious grooming & so dad offered ta help cuz we have all da cool grooming stuffs & he does me up all da time. Mia’s mom tried ta pay us, but we explained dat Good Mojo & Paying It forward doesn’t work like dat. I did accept sum belly rubs & smooches tho—I just can’t help myself. Woof!

We also found out dat dere is gonna be a pawsome twitter pawty thrown on April 28 fur our furiend Spooky who not only had ta fight Lymphoma cancer in da past year but also deal wit da loss of not one, but two fur siblings. Da party is dubbed #ArabianPawty & the aim of the pawty is to bolster da spirits of Spooky who is now in remission, but must have near monthly check-ups, & his mum, & have some fun together. And along the way, peeps & furiends can donate to help pay the vet. Don’t furget ta put dat on ya calendars.  Me & dad are even donating two cool doggie apparel items ta be given away to a lucky winner during da pawty.

And of course we still have my cool foster brofur Sal living with us & if you haven’t met Sal, ya don’t know what ya missing furiend!  Sal is looking for his new forever home after suddenly finding himself on deathhrow @ the NYC Animal Care & Control Center after his owner was arrested.  He survived da “To Be Destroyed” list at least 5 times!  I can say dat whatever it is dat his owner was incarcerated fur, it sure as heck wasn’t animal cruelty because Sal is a super sweetheart!!! Da way we all came ta be together is dat dad saw Sal, like many other dogs in need, posted on a FaceBook page called Urgent Part 2.  Urgent was created ta help advocate fur NYC’s Death Row Dogs.  What started as a desperate attempt to save some dogs turned into an enormous community of caring peeps & tagether, dey are fightin’ ta reform da NYC shelter system & save the thousands of adoptable animals being DESTROYED EVERY YEAR.  Well after sharing Sal’s story & looking at his face for over a week, I convinced my dad dat we should step up & foster the little guy because frankly it was time that we did more than just share or retweet. It’s been a fun lil adventure dat I will fur sure blog about in da near future.

I also made tons of new furiends on Facebook & wanna fank efurryones fur sharing my page & supporting me & my dad’s efforts. It really means so, so, much to us!!! Really!  Here’s a list of sum of my new pals..please feel free ta stop on by & like dere pages —-Starla: da fun loving Lab/Pittie Mix, Pudge: a.k.a. Mr Squishyface, Dog minding service Laura’s Little Lodgers, Pixel Blue Eyes: the talented, adventurous mini schnauzer,  Sara the Teddy Bear: part shitzu part bishon, Maggie Kay: the Princess Shih Tzu, Emmitt: an adopted dog that overcame the odds, & Tink & her boyfriend Scrappy & many,many more new furiends dat I’ve been fortunate enuff ta connect wif on Facebook


Seeing Eye Dog

Hey out there to all my anipals & furiends!  What a crazy week I had! Full of up’s and ups—great weather, new squeaky toys, positive results on my retina exam–& a couple of downs—I may have Cushing disease?? WTH?!?!?!– but nothing too bad ‘cept when my dad had da nerve ta not come home one night.  I had a good talking with him & let him know dat he was forgiven, but dat I would require many extra treats & belly rubs fur da days following.

WELCOME HOME!!! Do us both a favor & know your place!!!!!!!!!

So since I last spoke ta you guys here I had a big exam called an Electroretinogram or ERG fur short & da reason fur dat is cuz I am goin ta finally have my cataract surgery so Iz can see clearly again & stop being so nervous whenever a car or bus passes by me when Iz walking.  I used ta loves ta chase my dad on his bicycle & I’d even regulate traffic when I saw motorcycles pass thru by givin’ ‘em a quick chase & a bark ta let ‘em know ta slow down & not make so much noise.  Da past year tho, I haven’t been seeing so good out of my right eye cuz of a cataract (A cataract is any opacity within a lens.) dat I have had since furever but dat only recently started ta matures as da doctors say & den adding insult ta injury, I started ta gets one in my left eye too!!!  Dogs can adapt well if one eye is blind from cataract & the other is not—so well in fact dat dere hoomans don’t realize that dey can’t see out of one eye.  But fur me to lose both??!!?! No offense ta my cool anipals like Cloverton da Deaf Dog or Lucy Da Blind Cat but Iz too young ta go blind & too old ta learn new tricks ta build my confidence ta feel comfortable outside if I can’ts see anything.  I’m just not builts dat way & so, me & dad, & grandpa spoke about it & decided dat surgery was da way ta go. We’re all excited, but because of da risks we’re a little scared too!

Left: Immature Cataract --- Right:Mature Cataract

Cataract surgery is an elective procedure, but even If surgery is not performed, dere are risks & possible complications.  Hypermature cataracts can cause a serious reactive inflammation inside da eye, &  dere is glaucoma, which is painful, in da form of headaches & deres even sumthin called lens luxation,  which can be quite painful depending on how da lens slips (luxates) out of position.  Being dat I already have ta deal wit allergies & complications from dat, dad decided he didn’t  wanna have me possibly suffer from this as well.

If any of my pals & dere hoomans out dere are wondering if dey or dere furbabies have cataracts just know dat most dogs beginning at 6 years of age tend to develop a hardening of the lens (Nuclear Sclerosis) dat causes da lens ta have a grayish appearance & dat is NOT da same as a cataract. It happens in hoomans too.  Dis is why peeps in dere 40’s & older sumtimes need ta use reading glasses.  Veterinary ophthalmologists are da peeps you wanna see, rather than ya regular vet in order ta  tell da difference between nuclear sclerosis & cataract, using specialized equipment & their expertise.   It’s important ta understand dat no cataract can be reversed & once da lens is cloudy, surgery is da only way ta remove it.

Woof! I know I saw dad go down dis long hallway, so kindly take me to him vet lady...Grrr

Cataract surgery is expensive cuz it requires specialized equipment & training. Da instruments & equipment used for cataract surgery in dogs are da same type used for cataract surgery in people & da pet owner pays 100% of da cost of cataract surgery. Dis is cuz even pet health insurance policies often exclude cataract surgery, cuz da cataracts are often genetic & most insurance companies will not cover any genetic or pre-existing condition. Hoomans, if you have health insurance fur your furbaby, do not assume it will cover cataract surgery—check with your insurance provider.  If your furbaby has cataracts but you believe dat you can’t afford surgery, it’s still VERY IMPORTANT fur your furbaby ta see a veterinary ophthalmologist cuz medical treatment of the affected eye[s] is almost always needed ta help prevent other serious complications dat can cause the complete loss of da eye[s]

Well my surgery is scheduled fur next week & Iz more den ready. I gots ta stay overnight  by myself though & I haven’t done dat since I came home 8 years ago. I’ll be sure ta have Dad take lots of pics & keep all my furiends updated & keep me updated with what’s going on with all of you & of course my foster brofur Sal.  Hope he’s okay without me, but he still betta stay out of my beds…BOL


Scratch, Itch, and Sniff: The Return…

Hola friends. Hoping that efurryones Fursday was splendiferous and full of Paw Love and hugs! I had a pretty good day—lots of nappy’s, squeaky toy play time, noms, belly rubs and no itchys.  So yesterday I talked a lil bit ‘bout bad ole allergies in pups and there is just so much to talk about dat I’ll be continuing wit dat today. Don’t be so surprised…I told you I was going to dat at da end of my last post silly.

Workin' hard ta Get Dis Blog Post Out. A Pups Work Is Never Done

So as I said before, just like hoomans, dogs can show allergic symptoms when dere immune systems react ta certain substances or allergens and a dog with allergies can have an extreme reaction to them. What sorts of reaction???? Check it out—>

Click To Enlarge

•      Increased scratching
•      Diarrhea
•      Itchy back or base of tail
•      Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin
•      Itchy ears and ear infections
•      Itchy, runny eyes
•      Sneezing
•      Vomiting
•      Constant licking
•      Snoring caused by an inflamed throat
•      Paw chewing/swollen paws

Dats not a pretty list, I know, and on top of all dat, allergic pups can also ends up with bacterial or yeast skin infections, which can cause hair loss, and scabs! Lucky me has had all the symptoms except fur icky diarrhea, sneezing, vomiting & snoring. I do snores sometimes but it’s not cuz of my allergies, it just happens when I’m extra super comfy and tired.  Oh, and if dat list sounds too intense fur you ta deal with—well if you’re a pup, try not to be a terrier, setter, retriever, or flat-faced breed such as pug or bulldog, and if you’re a hooman, shy away from dose breeds cuz allergies are most common in dem.  Remember, it’s supposed to be a furever commitment furiends.

So remember dose skin infections I just mentioned 3 sentences ago? Well a few months back, I got a bad one, and it turned my pretty, pink belly, black wit spots, and made lots of my flowing golden & grey locks fall right off my back, and my butt, and dats definitely no fun in da winter time pals! I wents to da dermatologist once a month fur months and months, doin’ blood workies and trying all sorts of meds ta help beat da infection with no luck. On top of dat I haves ta take my regular allergy medicine dat comes in dese injections dat dad gives me in da scruff of my neck.

Well, finally dad said enough cuz dey would never give us enough meds and were difficult about prescribing me oral and topical meds dat had worked before or dad wanted ta try. He says dat it’s all about money. (Dad explained money ta me using biscuits once by asking me how many biscuits I would give up fur a 60 minute walk compared to a 20 minute walk.) He also says that he hates da FDA, whoever they are; I think maybe a dog cuz dad is always tellin’ ‘em ta “bite me.”  But anyway he hates ‘em cuz there’s all dis great topical medicine, just fur anipals, dat u can get no problem in Europe, but need a prescription ta get over here, and dats if dey even allow it here he says. So anyways, we went online and gots some topical stuff—Zymox and Ketoseb to name two–dat is really helpin’ me now. I haven’t been itchy, my hair is growing back and I’m not getting’ dat funny smell dat I would get after a few days anymore.  I still gots healing to do & a friend in London is gunna help us get sum other stuff from a company called PerfectPetSkin—don’t worry it’s all legal

Here's A Peek @ Some of The Topical Treatments We Use Fur My Allergy Symptoms

We’re also seeing a new skin specialist—time to change it up and so when I went to see my optomologist on Wednesday, I made an appt ta see da dermatologist. We thought dey already had us scheduled fur dat but dey so busy, dere was a mixup and so I gots ta wait a lil bit. Oh wait…what’s dat? Why do I have to see the optomolo whatever? Cuz I gots cataracts. I had a cloudy lens in my right eye ever since dad gots me so he always knew we was gonna have ta take care of dat someday and now it started showin up in my left eye. Dad says I’m too young to go blind and he’s too lazy ta have ta teach a blind dog new tricks. BOL. Just to be certain dat you guys know tho deaf or blind dogs are just as capable as other pups!! Dey just needs special training & a lil extra care at first is all…just like hoomans!!!

No, I Don't Wanna Kindly Jump Up On Dat Table Fur You ta Poke & Prod Me, Fank You!!!

So as da days and weeks go by I’ll fill you guys in more on my cataract surgery and allergy adventures if youz don’t mind. It helps me ta bark about it and I figures I could impart sum knowledge ta dose dat don’t know about dat stuff as well. We wish you a Happy Friday and fanks fur reading. Don’t furgets ta come say hi on my Fb page & catch me on twitters


Scratch, Itch and Sniff

Hello Furiends and anipals!!! Back again! How has efurryone been dis beautiful furst week of April? Well, beautiful except fur Texas where all dose crazy tornados are hurting people and our furry friends. Say a little prayer fur efurryone down dere please. Gotta always remember ta count ya blessings is what my dad says and things like dose tornados and people losing their furever homes reminds me dat even though I live with allergies, I’m a blessed puppy. ..and dats right animals can have allergies too.

Click to Enlarge

In fact, da number of doggies with allergies has gone up, and up, and up, a whole lots in da past few years. I read on webmd fur pets dat a whole one in seven pups suffer from allergies, and all breeds and mixes can be affected. If any of ya out dere don’t know, an allergy is a nasty reaction dats caused by things likes exposure ta a food, an inhalant, or something in da environment. What da pup is exposed ta is what dey call da allergen. The way da pups immunie system responds to the allergen is the allergic reaction. When I furst found my human and came ta live with him, he didn’t know dat I has allergies. I didn’t even know; I knew something was wrong with me, but not exactly what, and I was afraid ta tell dem. I was so happy ta be out of da shelter and being loved dat I didn’t wanna give ‘em any reason ta take me back. Dey brought me home and I right away worked really hard at my training and being a SUPER good boy and makin sure dat I showed ‘em what a great boy I could be cuz I really did love dem, but I was also afraid of going back ta da shelter. I didn’t need ta be afraid tho as it turns out cuz when my secret finally came out, my dad and gramps didn’t make any fuss over it—dey just made sure I got da care I needed…and it wasn’t easy at furst.

Ya see, it took a while to even figure out what da heck was goin on with me—why I was itchy all da time and getting red spots– after dey realized dat something even was going on. While hoomans usually gets upper respiratory symptoms when an allergy is triggered, in dogs it is usually the skin, with super bad itching being the BIG sign. Pups with allergies will scratch all da time and are usually MISERABLE. So we went to a couple of different nice vets and one told us dat it looks like I gots allergies and so dey gave me some special food dats grain and gluten free (remind me ta look up what da heck gluten is buddies) & some anti-hista-sumthin and sent me home. Well, dat helped a lil bit but den da following Spring I hads a really,really bad reaction and dats when my dad found a special puppy dermatologist–one of only two or three in all of New York City–and rushed me over dere. Dey was, and are very nice, and dats where we learned all sorts of things like what exactly I was allergic too—basically everything, including my sisfur Kenny da cat—and dat pup allergies fall into four categories—ones caused by fleas, ones caused by inhaled allergens likes dust mites, and grasses, ones caused by foods, and finally, ones caused by irritants dat have direct contact with da skin—and we also learned dat if da allergies go untreated dat dey could even kills me if I have a bad enough reaction. Most importantly tho, we learned how ta fight dem and helps me live a more comfortable life.

I wear dis sumtimes when I have flareups so I don't eats myself #E-CollarProblems

I wanna let all of you know dat, yes it was pretty expensive fur all da testing and medicines and treatments and and ongoing treatments and downright stressful fur my hoomans sometimes cuz dey don’t likes ta see me, or any furbaby’s in pain, but if ya find ya self with an anipal with special needs, don’t just dump ‘em in a kill shelter like my furst “family” did ta me. We understand if ya can’t afford ta help us, but ya CAN afford ta take just a little time from ya schedule ta find us a nice new home, or a foster, or a no-kill shelter rescue. Your anipals don’t deserve ta die just cuz we suffer from the same things dat hoomans do sometimes. Dere is help out dere for dem and fur you hoomans too and we’ll talks about dat in a future post about anipal insurance and fundraising and da like. Well, I’m gonna go play with my squeaky toy and then take a nap and do sum other important pup business now, but tune in tomorrow fur more about allergies and my latest flare up and vet visit with pictures and all….