Well hello efurryone!  Welcome–FINALLY–ta my blog! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

I is so excited ta share stories, adventures, pictures, pet tips/advice, and a whole lots more with all my anipals and furiends out dere.  Dis isn’t my first foray on the web tho.  I used to have Myspace–I still do actually–but all ma pals and furiends stopped logging on and I was too busy traveling and livin’ da busy life of a dog to keep up until now.

So, me and dad have been talking for a while ’bout doing

Eat,Paw,Blog....Staring at the computer screen fur so long makes me sleepy.

something fur other pups out dere who are in da same boat I was in just a few years ago. Dad wasn’t sure where to start cuz honestly, he’s more like the beauty and I’m da brains….and da beauty :-) So I thought “I’ll start a facebook page,” and try to start connecting with other anipals and hoomans with anipal interest.  While I was doing dat, dad figured he would see what all dat twitter hub bub was about and dat maybe he could make some new pals with similar interests as him as well.  Well it worked, and once he got’s da hang of it, he showed me how it works and den I got’s a twitter and now I am making new anipals left, right, and center.  I even got’s more twitter pals in 2 weeks than ma dad has since he started his in November–BOL! I finks he’s jealous, but he’s always happy fur me so no worries.

Well da world really opened up to us after dat.  We saw how many cool anipals and hoomans are out dere working together ta make life better fur all animals and how they’re havin’ super cool pawtys, and sharin’ stories, becoming furiends and comforting each other whenever it’s time fur one of us to cross Over The Rainbow Bridge to paradise. We don’t feel alone any more, me and dad. We always had each other, but now we have furiends like Mr Tibbs, Catizen Smith, Frankie Wah, Cloverton The Deaf Dog, Gracie Lu, McLoven The Stud Muffin, Gweenie da rescue dog, Molly, all da members of da WLF, Da Bad Boyz of Twitter, Super cute SweetFace–who is fighting Lymphoma cancer–Snick and so many, many MORE! And deez furiends have shown us dere are lots of good people and animals out dere and lots dat need our help and because of their inspiration we even took in a pup named Sal who needed a foster home or dey was gunna put him to “sleep.” You’ll read about him soon enuf, and all our other adventures, and we hope dat you will share your tales with us too.

Paw Love and Happy Tails to efurryone…Hope ya enjoy da ride! WOOF!