Anipals & Hoomans UNITED

         Sum of you I have no doubt heard about a pup named Hero who passed away last week while in da “care” of Brooklyn Animal Care & Control in New York City.  Ofurs may have not. Either way dis is him and sum of his story

How could anybody let dat beauty slip away????????????

From da official Justice For Hero site:

         “When Hero, a 10 month old handsome brindle puppy, arrived at the Brooklyn shelter he was energetic, full of life, and full of love. After 10 days of sitting in a filthy cage, he caught the same upper respiratory infection that almost all of the dogs eventually catch. He was promptly placed on the list to be destroyed. Both a rescue and an adopter stepped up for Hero right away and we all thought things were looking up for him. When the rescue called to inquire, they were told an adopter was coming to see him and, if he was not adopted by them, he would then be available for the rescue. While the rescue stood-by waiting, the adopter was making the 3-hour trek to Brooklyn. What they saw when they arrived was “horrifying.” A shelter employee had to carry -yes, CARRY! – poor Hero out to meet the potential adopter. He was so sick he could not stand. The adopter was obviously shaken by the sight yet still wanted to help Hero. She asked to adopt him and bring him straight to a vet.

Anyone could plainly see that Hero was DYING. This is the part that blows our minds… the shelter REFUSED to release him because there was no vet there to give Hero his rabies vaccine– a vaccine which is actually contraindicated (and rendered ineffective due to high body temp) in sick animals. Even though he was on death’s door, they said the adopter had to drive an additional 3-hours the following day and that poor Hero would have to lie in a cage, DYING, for another night… another night without much-needed medical care.

We all know how this story ends. Hero is dead. He died in his cage while waiting for someone, ANYONE, to save him. The adopter would have taken him right to a vet. The rescue would have taken him to a vet…Instead, Hero was tossed back into a cage where sometime during the night he probably drowned in his own pulmonary secretions…dying from an illness THEY gave him.”

          Dis past weekend, on Saturday June 23rd, a rally organized by New York Animal Rights Alliance America co-founder Kay Riviello was held not only for Hero, but fur all da animals being slaughtered by Animal care & control of NYC using tax payer dollars…taxpayer dollars dat are used to line da pockets of da big wigs & employees of AC&C rather than going to care for any of da animals.   I was one of doze animals dat was furst left ta rot in a kill shelter & den pulled from dere by a no-kill who I’m fankful to fur saving me, but dat pretty much just left me ta languish in my cage fur nearly 2 months, until my dad now, just strode in on a 20 degree day in da middle of winter on a whim after not being able to get thru on da fone.  I know what deez animals go thru in deez shelters, & most never make it out alive.

One of the many signs at da rally…Heartbreaking.

          We got’s to da rally a bit late cuz dad was expecting dem ta be at d apark by City Hall in Manhattan where da rally was going to end instead of where everyone turned out to be–at da staging area a couple blocks away.  Once we finally made it we immediately met sum pawsome peeps including a young lady named Lisa dat dad admires fur her passion, assistance & helpful advice when we decided to foster Sal.   As part of da protest in order, ta make a  visual statement about da senseless killing of thousands of adoptable pets, da organizers had two blow-up dolls made ta look like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY-ACC Executive Director Julia Banks dat dey planned to euthanize by injecting dem wif “sodium pentothal” using a fake pink liquid wif plastic needles.

Dat Blow Up Dolls Days Are Numbered (Click to Enlarge)

Dolls made to look like Mayor Bloomberg & evil Exec Director Julia Banks (Click to Enlarge)

Dad chuckled at da whole euthanize Bloomberg &  Julia Banks fing cuz he knows da people don’t mean it & just wanna shock peeps into paying attention.  It takes  all sorts of methods ta wake people up to what’s goin’ on & so long as dey are peaceful like da lil rally held on Saturday we support doze methods.  As I barked befur, we met sum really nice peeps & while sum were very passionate and all were and are angry over the atrocities happening in NYC shelters dey were all respectful & reasonable.  It may not seem so from da outside when ya see ‘em euthanizing two blowup dolls but ya gotta takes my word, dey don’t wanna kill anyone–DEY WANT DA KILLING TO STOP!!!!

         Are dere unreasonable animlal rights activists in da world? Sure…of course.  Dey nots da majority though & heck, wif all da injustices & cruelty we witness it sometimes causes our perfectly reasonable hooman pals ta say fings like “I hate people” or “da world would be better without people,” but dats just out of frustration most of da time.  We all know & should remember dat behind all our pals FB & twitter accounts & blogs are loving & caring hoomans dat help ta connect us & keep us all connected & work ta help save anipals everywhere & promote anipal causes.  I have a blog post titled ‘Anipals Unite’ & ‘m correcting dat title today by calling dis one anipals & hoomans united. It takes all of us! I do my part by being cute & behaving myself heeding my training thus getting peeps ta let dere guard down which allows dad ta do his part by delivering sum positive messages in support of anipals & anipal causes dat are dear to our hearts.

Red Shirt fur da rally…doggles fur protection

Aren’t I da cutest? Well AC&C shelter handlers would kill me in a heartbeat just da same & once upon a time dey almost did!

         Dad had somewhere else he needed ta be dat night so we couldn’t stay ’til da end of the rally & protest, but we’re glad we got ta check it out & dad says he’s gonna attend more in da future & gets more involved.  I had a ball!!!  everyone was giving me lots of attention & wanting ta take a picture wif me or of me lookin snazzy in my doggles  and everyone told dad what a good dog I was…he was super proud of me. Especially cuz he knows how far I’ve come. I wasn’t always “perfect.” it took time, training & patience & lots of dogs & cats in shelters never get a chance ta show what dey can become given sum love & a home. Hero had sumone dat was willing ta give him dat chance & da monsters @ ACC robbed him of it…

          I’ll leave you all wif da pawcircle prayer

“May all who are lost,be found. May all who are ill, be well. May all in harms way, be saved. May all without homes, be loved.”


Da Heat is On…

          It’s time fur doze lazy, hazy, crazy, days of Summer my pals and all paws aside—I am a snow dog. Dat doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a romp thru da grass on a hot day or a dip in a lake, but dat hot pavement & long walks in da sun are definitely not my bag puppy. I have a feeling dat dis is da case fur most pups, especially my short nosed pals such as da English & Frenchie bulldogs.  Unlike hoomans, dogs can’t sweat in the same way in order ta regulate dere temp.   A dog’s main cooling system is in his or her paws and tongue.

Yippeeeeeeee Snow!

           I’ve never had an episode of heatstroke or anything, though my tolerance fur da heat has waned as I’ve gotten older & fankfully dad has taken note.  But other anipals have not been so fortunate in avoiding heatstroke, which can cause serious injury & death even, and da shame of it is, is dat fur many, it could have been avoided if dey hooman(s) had just taken the proper precautions.   So if ya haven’t guessed, tadays blog post is gonna focus on keeping us anipals safe from heatstroke or other heat related injury like burned paw pads during those scorching Summer months.

Please Take Heed

          Furst off, all dogs need ta be carefully monitored in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but short-haired breeds and doze with pale skins are particularly vulnerable ta heatstroke, as are short, snub-nosed dogs like Shih Tzus, Pugs and Bulldogs.   My foster brofur Sal, at 75-80 lbs, short haired, and pale skinned,  is a high risk fur heatstroke pup, and besides da fact dat it’s been scorching in NYC fur da past 2 days he’s da other reason why me and my dad were inspired to write dis post.

          Like we says tho, preventing heatstroke is something all pet owners need ta fink about during da summer months.  Pets need access ta plenty of shade and cool drinking water at all times in order ta prevent heatstroke.  Dat means, do not leave water bowls in da sun; place dem in shaded areas and please avoid metal water dishes cuz dey get hot.   As far as shade, remember dat da sun moves around during da day so make certain dere be lots of shade in different parts of da yard.   And although dey provide shade, a kennel or dog crate can heat up just as quickly as a car!

          Dat brings us ta cars. You’d fink dat dis was common knowledge & needn’t be discussed, but peeps continue ta lock dere pets inside vehicles on hot Summer Days. According ta da Humane Society da temperature inside a car will rise 30 degrees a minute if parked in da sun, on a hot, humid day . These temperatures are dangerous!!! It’s not safe ta leave your dog in da car fur even a quick errand…DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

BOL!!! Seriously though…

          Anudder fing not ta do…exercise or walk us pups during the heat of the day. we love our hoomans and unless were deathly ill will never turn down da opportunity ta send time with ‘em and play games with ‘em so it’s up ta our hooman parents ta make sure dey & we don’t over do it. da best time for ‘walkies’ during the day is when the heat and humidity is lower; early morning and late afternoon. Concrete and tarmac pathways can get very hot and can be painful on a dog’s paw pads.


          I mentioned dat my tolerance fur heat has waned over da years & dat’s important cuz OLDER pets, I’m ten years young, are more susceptible to heatstroke. If dey are outside be sure ta monitor dem AT ALL TIMES. One udder fing ta watch out fur is da length of ya pups hair. On long haired pups like myself da recommended length is about one inch. Dat leaves some insulation and enough protection from sunburn. Matted fur needs ta go, mats trap heat.

Oh Boy dat lake sure does look inviting! And dis what i fink of dat “No Swimming” sign.

           If forbid, a doggie or cat does suffer heatstroke take ‘em to the vet as soon as possible.  Symptoms of heatstroke are vomiting and diarrhea, rapid breathing and excessive panting, along with warm, dry skin.  If his gums are pink or gray instead on a normal healthy red-pink coloration, WORRY!  Initially, get ‘em out of the sun, place ‘em in a bowl of cool water and gently rub dere underbelly. Don’t use cold or iced water. Give ‘em only a small amount of water ta drink or let ‘em lick ice cubes.

So be safe out dere my pals & enjoy your Summer da right way!  I fur one am making my dad look into cooling jackets & collars and da like for doggies and when we get ‘em, we’ll do a review and maybe post sum pics of me rocking my ‘Cool’ gear.


Fashion Friday :-)

          What’s up Efurryone?! It’s a beautiful Friday here in NYC & I hopes all is well wherever you are all at furiends.  I’z  Been having a great week so far, but please say a prayer or two or three fur all doze anipals dat are stuck without home in shelters or on da streets & others who are sick & poorly.  If you can, please especially keep Molly the Yorkie  who suffered a stroke & Sebastian the Cat who has had a ruff year dat included a fire at his home, in your hearts & prayers & let ‘em know you’re finking of ‘em by sending ‘em a tweet or two…PLEASE!!!!

          I thought I’d have a little fun today & have a fashion Friday.  Basically just a few pics of yours truly lookin spiffy in some of my many tees & sweaters.  Dad has always liked dressing me up in the winter, but it’s only until recently  dat he started getting me more tees & hoodies to rock year round.  Dats because I had a bad skin infection & lost lots of hair on my back & wearing tees not only covered dat up , but also helped with stopping me from  scratching & biting my skin.  My pals Gracie Lu & Kalo 7 Wolfe Shih Poo would especially appreciate dis post I fink since dey such fahionistas.   Both of my pals are having or involved in contests by da way so check’em out. Gracies iz holding a dating contest on her blog fur our Italian Greyhound pal Vincent Rocket & Kalo is entered in a photo contest fur Modern Dog magazine so go make sure ya votes in each okay pals?So now fur a small taste of my puppy style!  Woof,Woof

Here I am in my camouflage gear getting ready to go on night maneuvers. I call it da Rambo–jungle chic. (Click to Enlarge)

Here, I completely switch it up & go fur da preppie school dog look. @ button all cotton shirt w/ collar by Kwigy-Bo :-) (Click to Enlarge)

As you can already see, I’z a very versatile pup. We likes ta keep our look fresh 7 be ready for any occasion around my house.

Another shot of me prepping it up from a different angle. Sometimes, when I’m feeling dangerous, I’ll flip da collar up.

How ya likes my urban B-boy stance!!! I likes ta rock my hat ta da back whenever I’m watchin’ Americas Best Dance Crew (Click to Enlarge)

          I’m finking of getting more accessories like hats & bandanas 8 I def haves ta look into deez doggle shades dat my sweet furiend Pixel mentioned ta me cuz efurryfing is so much brighter since my successful cataract surgery.

Here’s a shot of one my Snow Dog outfits fur doze weekends in Aspen complete with booties. the jacket has a skull wit a santa hat & says naughty on da back. BOL! (Click to Enlarge)

I do so love da snow & not only are da booties fashionable but dey protect my paws from all dat rock salt peeps throw down ta melt ice.

Dey don’t call me King Barky fur nothin’ BOL! Anudder Kwigy Bo classic dat only cost my mama 9 bucks at a sample sale. Seven years & still gud!

Da shirt say’s it all! I fink red goes great with my hair. Woof,woof!!!

          Spring & fall in NYC are pretty cool & so sometimes tees won’t do & sweaters are too heavy…On doze days we go with a hooded jacket. here are a few shots of some of my faves & we already showcased da camouflage one.

Peace, Love, and Aroooooooooo

Peace & Love ta all my anipals & furiends.

Sometimes, I’m just too cool ta look at da camera

Does dis sweater make my tail look big?

I wear hoodies, but I’m no hood!

Dad really, really likes dis sweater. Got it fur only 2 bucks on clearance from PPE Pet Supplies.

My future so bright, I gotta wear shades!

         Hopes ya all enjoyed my lil Fashion Show Friday Post…There will be more ta come next week. Fanks ta all my pals fur all da support & luvins. Stay Sexy! hehehehe


Sun Shiney Days – The Sunshine Award

Whoo-Hoo!!!  I won an award!  I’ve won a few things befur such as a great home & da lovins of efurryone who gets ta know me. Da Sunshine Award though, is da furst award I’ve ever received in recognition of my online adventures & efforts.  It was given ta me by my pal Emma of MyGBGVLife fame, and also by my gud furiend Pixel Blue Eyes.  I am doubly honored, & doubly wowed.   In Emma’s Words:

“The Sunshine Award is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

Awww, I feel so special!

I feel very special ta have received dis award & even more special cuz I have received it from two of my favorite bloggers & Emma happens ta be one of my writing inspirations.  Emma’s only been blogging fur about 8 months, but she’s a pro & ya should really check out her blog…Ya won’t be disappointed!  Pixel is also a great writer & advocate fur anipals dat inspires me ta do what I can ta help offurs as well. Fank you so much Emma & Pixel fur continually brightening up my day with ya great blogs & Facebook posts, and fur giving me dis award–You’re both pawsome!!!

Me, Hard at work on my blog!

So, As an award winner, it’s been explained ta me dat dere are a few rules dat I need ta follow–I need ta:

  • Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.”

Well, I’ve done da furst part, so now on to da second:

  • Favorite colorBLUE!  I finks I look very gud in blue, & I likes blue skies, & when I’m feeling blue, I gets extra special attention & extra belly rubs.

  • Favorite animalBelieve it or not–kitties! Especially tiny ones…dey just so cute.  I also likes squirrels…FOR CHASING! BOL

  • Favorite number3 – Me, my dad, & one more peep so I can snuggle in between ‘em is perfect & dat makes 3.

  • Favorite drinkFat free, lactose free Milk–NO, I AM NOT A CAT!

  • Facebook or TwitterI haz ta say twitter, cuz of all da cool pawty’s & weekly events & capability ta chat with pals on a more real time basis.

  • My passionEating & being cute. (my dad made me add da second one)

  • Getting or giving presentsI loves both, but I probably likes gettin’ presents a lil bit more. hehehe. Hey, no doggies perfect.

  • Favorite daySundays!!!  Me & dad usually does an early morning park run/walk & den go home & climb back inta bed fur da rest of da morning

  • Favorite flowersOh gosh, dis is a weird one.  I’ll go with Sunflowers, in honor of da Sunshine Award.

Dat’s all fur our question & answer session. We now proceed ta our Sunshine Award recipients–BOL! (sound very official, no?)

Emma Da GBGV – <3 Her is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén who goes by “Emma the GBGV.”   She’s a fun loving gal who likes to get all dirty and messy, & loves watching, chasing, & hunting squirrels, rabbits and other small critters while hanging with her sisfur Katie, her 2 cat sibs Bert & Sophie & her mom!  And lucky fur us she takes us along fur her fun adventures & has some of da best photos of herself and her family doing all sorts of fun stuff you will find anywhere. Hers is a truly fun & lighthearted blog & she’s also a great supporters of doze in da anipal community.  Drop by and see for yourself

Gracie Da Diva -  Gracie Lu Shih Tzu, affectionately called ‘Chommie’ by her mama, is a fashionista & one of da sweetest girls around.  I love her blog because she is such a lil diva, but with none of da bad attitude…and she’s very,very purty!  She enjoys Tweeting and Facebooking with her anipals, tormenting her cat brother (Mr. Pumpkin), running around in giant eights around her backyard and sometimes even daliving room.  Need some fashion tips or wanna laugh or two?  Check out her blog.

Vincent & His Brother Gino - Vincent, like myself, is very new ta da whole blogging thing, but his blog is very special I believe & he’s doing well fur a pup with lil experience.  In his own words, his blog is dedicated “to all da pets out der in need ov foreva homes.  Dis iz very impawtant to [him] because [his] brofur Gino comes from a rescue where him was in and out of foster care for a long time. ”   Vincent hopes dat one day dere will be no unwanted or mistreated anipals & is using his blog ta make dat future possible.

Da Paw Circle creed - “May all who are lost,be found. May all who are ill, be well.
May all in harms way, be saved. May all without homes, be loved.”  Dat is da prayer & hope of da Pwacircle.   Dana Moody is da keeper of what is known as da PawCircle.  Da PawCircle is used to keep track of anipals & dere hoomans who are in need of our prayers & healing energies.  I myself have benefitted from da prayers & well wishes sent ta me via da PawCircle & I am very grateful fur it.

Dis Iz SPARTAAAAAAAAA - Sparta is cool gal who has a sweet lil blog full of da most adorable pics of her & her family. Her blog is just simple & cute and sure ta put a smile on your face. She may be a minpin , but there’s nothing miniature about her personality.

Da Adorable & Talented Pixel Blue Eyes – Pixel is a white and chocolate colored mini schnauzer with a very curious & mischievous look at the world.   She is constantly having super exciting adventures that must be shared!  Why just dis past weekend she was stung by a rogue bee & had ta have emergency mama, auntie, & grammy care. She constantly posts about important animal issues especially one dat is dear to her which is the dangers of tail docking & her quest to make peeps aware of doze dangers.

No Tail Left Behind – Every Dog Deserves A Tail - The No Tail Left Behind FB page is administrated by Pixel & her lovely mama jenny & although it is not a blog i just had ta include it cuz of da importance of da page & its nature.  No Tail Left Behind has a goal to educate people on the difficulties and suffering that dogs endure when their tails are docked and also to help ban cosmetic docking of dogs ever.

Cokie Da Cat, Hard at Work -  Dis blog is about a pawsome, “happy, talkative, (incontinent), opinionated, active 18 year old Ragdoll cat named Cokie” who wears pants. He has 5000 Twitter followers @cokiethecat, & co-founded an online  newspaper – by pets for pets – called The Anipal Times  Cokie is a champion of special needs pets, awful funny when he wants ta be & has great blogging tips.

Marc & Angel - “Marc and Angel Hack Life” is a wonderful & uplifting site dat shares practical thoughts on a broad range of topics pertaining to life, hacks, productivity, aspirations, health, work, tech and general self improvement.

Pepper Pom! Service Dog to da Rescue This is my friend Pepper’s blog. She’s a service dog and a very hardworking one! She’s also a pawsome Barktender at #nipclub! Her blog makes me smile as much as Pepper does!

So I now gladly pass on da Sunshine Award ta da 10 blogs listed above & fank dem fur all dere efforts and da enjoyable reads & photos…


Anipals Unite

          Wow efurryone! Can You believe dat it is already June?  We’re halfway through 2012 & I hopes dat it has been a great one overall fur all of you.  After my surgery I decided ta take a little break from da blogging & da cyber world, but I wasn’t gone completely & I have sure enjoyed reading efurryones postings on Facebook & dere blogs, & of course, tweets.  I’ve been doing great by da way! My cataract surgery was a super success & my follow up visit showed dat I’m coming along swimmingly. I’m pretty sure dat means fantastic. I can enjoy my walks & not be nervous about doze loud sounds dat sometimes seem ta jump out at me & I can see efurrything coming my way.  I feel like a puppy again. Fank you to all of my furiends dat sent pawprayers ta dad & me.  We really do super appreciate it. I’ll post more about my recovery from cataract surgery & dat nasty skin infection I had fur nearly a year on a later blog post.

Deez are da not so old, bad days. In da top pic you can see da redness in my skin especially around da paws & I’d lost lots of my silky hair on my back & legs. Da bottom pic clearly shows my cataracts. I was lookin like an old man!

I’m back Baby!!! I’m a puppy again–A picture is worth a thousand words…


          I wanna let you guys know about a couple of cool things going on this month dat some of my anipal furiends are involved in dat I think you all will like. The furst is my gud pal Vincent Rockets Dating Game Contest takin’ place on da beautiful Gracie Lu’s blog. Vincent is a beautiful Italian Greyhound who lives with his brudder Gino out in Florida, and he & Gracie Lu have formed a team to not only find Vincent a special gurl ta call his own but also ta help Casey, an Italian Greyhound saved by da Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue. 

Superheroes Vincent & Gino

Casey Enjoying story time

The Beautiful Gracie Lu Shih Tzu

          Casey’s story is very sad, but also very inspiring cuz as much as he has been thru, he just doesn’t give up & da folks at IGCA refuse ta give up on him too, but dey need our help ta get Casey all da help he needs. So please consider donating ta his ChipIn if ya can, even if it’s only a dollar.  It would mean da world ta Casey & Vincent & all da rest of us. 


        As fur Vincents dating contest, dere are 6 available bachelorettes ta choose from & dey are all so lovely & pawgeous dat I’m thnking he should take each of dem on a date. Hehehehe  Deres 18-month-old English Springer Spaniel from Birmingham U.K. Jess da SpringerMinnie a cute lil Chihuahua with a big personality from Maryland who lives with three fursibs–and her hoomans of course… Beautiful miniature pinscher Rusty, born in Connecticut & livin it up in California deez days…lovely perky eared and mischievous cheeked 3-year-old terrier mix RosieMadeline (Little Cakees) a sweet-faced Yorkshire Terrier who is always ready to give love to everyone & one of the cutest Yorkies on Twitter…and last but not least is Daffy a beautiful Toy Fox Rescue Girl w loves chasing storms–sounds pretty brave!   Who ta choose? Who ta choose? FirstWorldPuppyProblems BOL!!!

From Left to Right Starting From the top: Jess da Springer–Minnie Cuteness– Rusty ‘Linda’ (Spanish fur purty)–Terrier mix Rosie–Madeline (Little Cakees)–and cutie pie Daffy.

          Anudder  thing I wanted ta let you all know about is a GREAT AUCTION going on to benefit not one, but two rescue organizations.  100% of the proceeds from the auction are to be donated evenly between Wisconsin Chi Rescue and Spike Taylors Operation Pet Pals.  The auction began on June 1st and will run until June 16th and is being conducted by Juno, a little dog doing big things who is a huge animal rights supporter and makes time to visit the elderly and children in hospitals and assisted living facilities. Juno is also involved in her mamas organization Private Citizens for Pets in Peril. 

Can’t Get Much Cuter–Vroom, Vroom.

          I heard about dis pawsome benefit auction from da lovely & talented Emma who runs da MyGBGVLife page on Facebook & has her own blog  dat happens ta be one of da best out dere I haz ta say.

DIs is da lovely Emma & dis photo Pawographed by her is up fur bid.

          Emma is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén and she was born in England, lived in Germany and has now settled out in Minnesota U.S.A.  You should definitely swing by & like her page & follow her on twitter cuz she will put a smile on your face & who doesn’t needa bit more smiling & laughter in dere life?

I really love dis item dats up fur auction!

A Pawographed pic of Juno & her wheels up fur auction

Up fur auction & emblazoned with words ta live by

Anudder fave auction item of mine. Hope dad gets it fur me


         Don’t furget ta check out my anipals in need tab at the top of my page…it does needs ta be updated tho & I’ll be getting to dat today. Remember, if ya can’t donate, you can always spread da word—dat doesn’t cost a thing—Just like my LOVE! Woof!!!!!


Facts of Life

          Happy, Happy Wednesday Efurryone!!! Yesterday, Tuesday, was one of doze days dat starts out not so pretty—gloomy skies & rain it was—but den da clouds broke & da sun cames out & it warmed up quite a bit & next thing ya know, it was a great Spring day. ..great looking at least. 

         My dad says any day you wake up & ya still here is a pretty gud day.  If ya wake up & have ya family & furiends and a roof ova ya head—better den gud.  And If ya have da love of ya family & furiends, a roof ova ya head and ya HEALTH, well den it’s a GREAT day! Of course f ya wakes up & one or more of doze things are off, well in dat case den, you at least have another day to work towards makin’ ‘em betta.   Well fankfully, I haz all of dat and it is a great day—fur me—but I cants help but think of all my anipals & friends out dere for whom da day is not so gud.  Dat doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my doggy blessings—if anything, I appreciate ‘em more, knowing what I knows ‘bout struggling anipals ‘round da world.  Doggy’s & kittens wit no home or family of dere own…hoomans dealing with dere beloved companions suffering thru illnesses such as cancer, severe allergies, heartworms, tumors, anaemia, and much, much more….my super cute & wicked smart dolphin pals & dere cousins, da whales, being hunted and slaughtered by bad hoomans…anipals being hunted near extinction & so much more goes thru my mind almost daily.  

          Being a furbaby myself dat was abandoned by his family  in a shelter where I waited 3 whole months befur being rescued by my real family it’s only natural dat I think of deez things & of da less fortunate of my anipal brofurs & sisfurs, but it’s on my mind even more den ever now—and why is dat???  Cuz of facebook & Twitter dats why!  

          Befur I got on doze & started making furiends,  I felt as tho it were just me & my dad fur da most part, making our way thru a world dat was more concerned with da Real Housewives of New Jersey den anything substantial.  A big part of dat of course is probably cuz we spend most of our time in New York Stinky—I mean—City. BOL!   On da ofur side of course dere are doze nutso groups dat are da opposite of oblivious such as PETA.   PETA, who if you’ve been paying attention actually KILLS ANIPALS & spend donation money on ridiculous, sure ta go nowhere, lawsuits such as da one against Seaworld claiming dat da “killer” whales, which are actually Dolphins by da way, were slaves & dat captivity violated their CIVIL rights.  I may just be a dog, and I’m not a very political pup, but HUH!?!?!?!?! WTH were doze dodo heads thinking?  Millions of dollars wasted & not one anipal helped!  I loves anipals—PETA loves money…& exploiting anipals ta make more money.  Anyway, of course, in da middle of doze extremes dere are small groups we know of, peeps of substance , likes da cool folks ova at Bobbi and Da Strays, & of course our close personal furiends who we can chat & play wit & have meaningful conversation & belly rub time with, but doze four people aren’t always available—hehehehehehehe.  Nowtho, wit facebook & Twitters, dey don’t needs ta be.

          Dad let me have a Facebook page a few months back, Barkys Place NYC, & at first it was slow going.  I “liked” a bunch of pages of anipal interest groups such as Life With Dogs, Natural Balance & Pets For Patriots & of course I asked a bunch of dads furiends ta come by, like my page and share photos or story’s of dere companions wit us….Like I says tho, it was slow going.  Once I got on Twitters tho, efurrything changed. It was so easy ta find & connect with anipals & peeps of similar interests. So easy and fun ta connect wit furiends & share story’s & learn about each ofur.  Now here’s da yin and yang of it all.  It’s so pawsome being connected & sharing my life with all these new anipals and yet it hurts so much ta see, read, & hear, of  da suffering some of ‘em go thru. It’s beautiful and it’s ugly. On da one paw ya have Dana Moody, anipal lover and keeper of da pawcircle who does so much fur furbabes by promoting their causes & spreading awareness via Twitter and da great Pawcircle website dat is designed ta highlight & bring comfort ta fur babies & dere hoomans. And way on da offur  side of things ya gots ANIMALS like Darius Ewing & his sick pals who set Justice, a young puppy, on fire after trying ta strangle ‘em with a rope furst.  Deres da beauty of watching a young pup like Kiba da Bulldog growing up & da sadness of losing newfound pals like Sweetface to lymphoma cancer and my pal Paws, affectionately known as Mr Mega Paws who lost his life to a horrible disease called Mega Esophagus.  I gets ta see all da cool pups, kitties, rabbits, ferrets and more dat have super duper loving families and lives getting to be carefree pets in dere furever homes…I also see now more den ever all da poor pups & kittens dat are stuck in shelters, some of them never ta make it out alive, abandoned by peeps who don’t understand what love & family truly means.  I think I know what ya thinking,but I wouldn’t trade it fur anything. 

          I coulds try & ignore da bad, but den what kind of pal would I be ta furiends like Tina da Pug who is tryin ta stay in gud spirits while both her mama & brofur Hooie are sick?  What kind of pup would I be if I didn’t at least help ta share da stories of ofur pups &  anipals stuck in shelters like I once was all doze years ago?  I gots ta take da good with da bad…and dere is always gud!  Ask my bud Kaito Kamui—him and his mama had ta say goodbye ta Lally, Kaitos senior kitty brofur yesterday and dat is awful sad.  A gloomy start to a gloomy day.  It gonna take a long time ta heal from losing dere companion, but just as da sun peeked out yesterday and it became a brighter day outside, it too got a lil brighter for dem cuz dey were not alone & are gettin’ lots of  love and support from dere anipals, peeps, & furiends online.  Pals dat have been sending ‘em words of encouragement & praying fur dere family ta be well. Pals likes ArlieJo in Pennsylvania all da way to Pandora  in Awizona and me of course, in NYC.  And seein’ dat also makes my day betta, not ta mention dat I too have gotten lots of love & support from peeps & anipals over da past few months whether it has been in dere support of sharing issues & stories I am passionate ’bout or givin me words of encouragement during my cataract surgery ,or helpin my dad take care of my foster brofur Sal.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride gettin ta know efurryone & we’ve gone from just da two of us to so many furiends dat we’re havin a hard time keeping up with efurryone & efurrything…my calendar is FULL. It’s been great & now dere are no gloomy days–just days dat sometimes have gloom in ‘em. So as dey say, “ya take da gud, ya take da bad, ya take ‘em both and there ya have da facts of life.” We Love you guys!!!!!!


April Games Continued

WOW!!! What a week! Lots of happenings going on.  A pal lost & found her pup, Dexter—we was all super worried and den we was all relieved!…I had my big day at da surgeons on Monday fur my cataract removal surgery, & everything went superduperriffic–GRACIAS…I had da big debut of my new clear, & free of disease eyes on Tuesday & I also came back home dat night too—THANK GOODNESS…I had a lil welcome home party on Wednesday w/dad & da grands…caught up on Game of Thrones & OMD!! Can you believe what’s goin on dere?…I attended a pawsome pawty on Twitter yesterday(Saturday) fur my pal Spooky Shorty who kicked lymphomas butt into remission (<–click here ta read more & help if ya can)… Annnnd I’m even attending a wedding today on Twitters between my 2 new furiends ova in da U.K. Lola da Lhasa Apso & her beloved Jack… Boy oh boy…I don’t know how I get da time ta fit in all my naps.

So, cataract surgery!!!  Dat day had been looming for a long while & we actually wanted ta do it last year, but things didn’t work out, so ya see it’s something dats been on our minds fur a loooonnng time & we have been gettin’ more & more anxious about da surgery ova da past few months. My dad has been at least–as usual I’z cool as a carrot..or cucumba or whateva.  Da only thing I was anxious ’bout was staying away from my hoomans ovanight.  I mean, after all, withouts me dere ta cuddle ‘em, how would dey gets a gud night sleep?  I am also da protector of the realm, but I wasn’t so worried about dey safety and all dat cuz my foster brofur Sal would be dere at least.  He’s not as tuff as me, but he puts up a gud front by barking loudly.  Da part I really didn’t like was dats I couldn’t eats anything fur 12 hours befur my surgery. TWELVE HOURS!?!?!?!  dat was just inhumane–I loves my nom noms!!! I dealt with it likes da trooper dats I am tho & da folks at Animal Medical Center on 62nd street in Manhattan were bery nice & took gud care of me. After a day & a half dere tho I was defo ready ta go home & sleeps in my own beds.

Some of da pups in my ward were such cry baby’s (I felts bad for ‘em)–I couldn’t gets much sleep.  Plus I was both so happy to be seeing clearly again & nervous ’bout how dad was coping with out me dat catching my Zzzz’s  just wasn’t on da table fur me while I was cooped up in vet jail.  I more den made up fur dat tho by doin’ my best roll ova & play dead impression most of Wednesday & Fursday–I was pooped from all da excitement of da previous 2 days & tryin’ ta catch up with all my pals on Facebooks & Twitters. Many who sents me lots of love & support & really lifted our spirits by showing us how much dey care fur dere anipals & furiends.

Help!! let Me Out! I'm Stuck in Vet Jail! Oh, Fank You! Dats Much Betta...

(Click To Enlarge) I Was poked, Prodded, Knocked Out & Had My Eyebalss Worked Over & All I got Was Dis TeeShirt---Oh, and My Eyesight Back!!! Yaaaaaaayy

I’d like ta thank all of ‘em & give special fanks ta ones like Dana Moody, who runs da pawsome PawCircle blog ta show support & love fur fur babes in need.  She has kept a constant pawcircle goin fur me & let other anipals know we need dere pawprayers. I’d like ta fank da super duper Emma, who makes me laugh so much with her amazin blog posts & who gave me sum nice words of advice & encouragement befur my surgery.  Special fanks ta da lovely Gracie, who also has a great blog & da cutest smile, &  her mama as well, who even tho dey are dealing with a big move ta a new city still found time ta check up on me & show us love.  I could neva furget ta fank my fellow WLF member & gud pal Mr Tibbs who lives across da pond ova in da U.K. he has made me feel very welcome on Twitter & helped me ta make many new furiends. Fank you Mr Tibbs!! I also wanna fank my new Facebook furiend Sara Da Teddy Bear fur her well wishes & all da other peeps on my page & dads page who sent us dere well wishes & words of encouragement…we loves all of you and appreciate it very much!

Ewwww and Owww...Dis Iz Where Dey Placed My Catheter Line--How Embarassing!

I Likes Sal Cuz He Doesn't Makes Fun Of My E-Collar

Lots of Sleep Ta Catch Up On Zzzzzzzz

Emma (MYGBGV)--Gracie Lu ShihTzu--Mr Tibbs(#WLF)--Sara Da Teddy Bear

And of course, all my pals on twitter who checked on me & said #pawprayers fur us– dere are so many ta name & furdat we’z greatful–starting wit da absolutely pawsome Vincent, a fellow bad boyz of Twitter member & all all around cool doggy & his mama…and dere is Mischief master Spike da cat to fank…and also my new pal Bliss, a retired guide dog(How cool is dat!?!?!)…can’t furget super fit & super cool 2012 presidential candidate Hannibal walker who puts da ‘sharp’ in Sharpei…da very lovely & beautiful Phi botticelli , an American Eskie Dog…of course Freda, who not only knows what it like ta have bad eyesight, but is also dealing with autoimmune haemolytic anemia (special PawPrayers fur Freda please!)…Mary Whitmore, Zulma Ruiz, Deathrow escapee, da pawgeous Jack Russell Arlie Jo..and many, many more. Love you all!!!

Dere be lots more ta talk abouts, but tomorrow is another day & Iz pooped…